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Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) have updated the laws on allergen labeling for foods sold throughout Australia and New Zealand. The new allergen labeling laws are called PEAL – Plain English Allergen Labelling.
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Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Wonton - Volume 4 Issue 5

Bite size local news, Post reports and activity summaries wrapped by ATO Hong Kong. In this issue: Hong Kong’s Market for Consumer-Oriented Products Holds Steady at $21 Billion; Quarterly Business Receipts For Service Industries Increases in Q4; Macau’s Migrant Population Grows, Ageing Ratio Climbs; Michelin Announces Seven Bew Big Gourmand Restaurants in Hong Kong and Three in Macau...
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Turkiye: Grain and Feed Annual

Production volumes of wheat and barley in marketing year (MY) 2024/25 are forecast to remain unchanged compared to last year, while corn production is expected to drop year-to-year by 1.2 million metric tons (MMT) as farmers switch to growing more profitable crops, such as cotton and other row crops.
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Taiwan: Oilseeds and Products Annual

Taiwan’s soybean imports are forecast at 2.65 MMT for MY2023/2024 and MY2024/2025, a slight recovery from the previous MY. Weakness in feed demand due to animal diseases was one of the causes for lower soybean imports and reduced crush for MY 2022/2023.
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Paraguay: Oilseeds and Products Annual

Post projects marketing year (MY) 2024/2025 soybean production at 10.3 million metric tons (MMT) with increased planted area of to 3.59 million hectares on increased second crop planting.
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Taiwan: Food Processing Ingredients Annual

In 2023, Taiwan imported US$3.7 billion agricultural products from the US, which accounted for 24.47 percent of the island’s total import value. Its food processing industry produced $30 billion of processed food and beverages, among which the strongest subsectors are animal feed, meat processing, baked goods, and non-alcoholic beverages.
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Brazil: Food Processing Ingredients Annual

The Brazilian Food Processors' Association reported 2023 Brazilian food processing sector revenues at US$231 billion, a growth of 7.2 percent compared to the previous year.
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Egypt: Oilseeds and Products Annual

FAS/Cairo (Post) forecasts Egypt’s soybean imports in marketing year (MY) 2024/25 (October – September) to increase by 14.8 percent from the previous marketing year, due to an influx of foreign currency into Egyptian banks.
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Taiwan: Grain and Feed Annual

In MY2024/2025, Taiwan’s wheat imports are forecast at 1.4 MMT. The United States is expected to recover market share from Australia due to better competitiveness and availability. MY2023/2024 and MY2024/2025 corn imports are forecast to recover to 4.55 MMT due to improved feed demand outlook, with restocking in both the hog and poultry sectors.
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Israel: Grain and Feed Annual

FAS/Tel Aviv (Post) forecasts Israel’s marketing year (MY) 2024/45 wheat imports to increase due a decline in domestic production, a need to increase stocks because of the Israel-Hamas conflict, as well as lower international grain prices.
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Bangladesh: Cotton and Products Annual

Post forecasts an increase in marketing year (MY) 2024/25 cotton imports on higher global demand for ready-made garments. Despite Bangladesh’s economic challenges, Post maintains MY 2023/24 cotton imports at 7.5 million bales, on lower yarn and fabric imports.
On February 15, 2024, the Minimum Access Volume (MAV) Management Committee issued an Administrative Circular (AC) that increased the annual MAV or Tariff Rate Quota for chipping potatoes from 30,000 to 60,000 metric tons (MT).