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EU organic sales decreased slightly in 2022, but rebounded in 2023 due to recovering economic conditions.
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France: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

While France has no commercial production or field trials of genetically engineered (GE) crops, the French livestock industry depends on imported GE feed, especially soybeans, rapeseed, and corn. The French scientific community and many farmers are...
On December 8, 2023, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launched two calls for evidence to collect data and information to support EFSA’s risk assessments to deliver scientific opinions on the welfare of beef cattle and turkeys on farm.
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European Union: EU Olive Oil Production Update

In MY 2023/24, the EU is facing a second consecutive short olive oil production crop.
On December 13, 2023, Chile and the European Union (EU) signed an updated Free Trade Agreement, or Advanced Framework Agreement as it is currently termed. The new agreement expands market access for Chilean products to the European market and grants expansive protections for 216 geographical indications (GIs), including many commonly used names like feta, gruyere, kölsch, and parmesan.
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European Union: EU Citrus Annual 2023

The combination of drought, water irrigation limitations and abnormally high temperatures during flowering and fruit-setting phases have limited the EU’s citrus production potential in MY 2023/24, which is projected to stay at similar levels as the also short MY 2022/23 crop.
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European Union: EU Adopts New Rules for Organic Pet Food

The EU adopted new rules for the labeling of organic pet food in the single market. Pet food can now be labeled with the EU organic production logo if 95 percent of its agricultural ingredients are organic.
The European Commission will allocate €185.9 million (approximately $203.3 million) in 2024 for the promotion of European Union agri-food products.
The EU's intricate biotechnology policy hinders research and restricts innovative tools for farmers. This results in substantial imports of genetically engineered (GE) feed and limited domestic GE crop production.
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European Union: Grain and Feed Quarterly

Extreme weather conditions across the EU reduced grain production projections in MY 2023/24, although production is still anticipated to exceed MY 2022/23 levels. EU grain export expectations have deteriorated based on third country competition in...
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European Union: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

This guide provides an overview of health certificates needed for exporting plants, animals, foods, and other animal origin products to the European Union.
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European Union: FAIRS Annual Country Report

This report provides an overview of EU food and feed legislation currently in force for the EU. USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) staff reviewed and updated all sections of this annual report.