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Vietnam: Coffee Semi-annual

MY 2023/24 coffee production is lowered 3.8 million bags to 27.5 million bags due to unfavorable weather conditions as a result of climate change and El Nino climate patterns.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Indonesia: Coffee Semi-annual

Indonesia’s lower Robusta coffee production is expected to cut coffee bean exports by 35 percent to 5 million bags in 2023/24, which has already caused a surge in imports in the first half of the marketing year.
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India: Coffee Semi-annual

FAS Mumbai forecasts marketing year (MY) 2023/24 (October-September) India coffee production at 5.9 million 60-kilogram bags, two percent higher than the previous estimate. Dry conditions from October through December are expected to result in higher Arabica yields, with less incidence of berry droppings and damage.
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Colombia: Coffee Semi-annual

In market year (MY) 2023/2024, Colombia's coffee production is expected to recover to 11.5 million bags green bean equivalent (GBE) given drier conditions and improved sunlight resulting from the El Niño phenomenon.
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Brazil: Coffee Semi-annual

Post decreases the Brazilian coffee production for Marketing Year 2023/24 (July-June) to 66.3 million 60-kg bags, based on a projected decline in robusta/conilon production. Post forecasts arabica production at 44.9 million bags, a 12.8 percent increase over the previous season, due to an increase in planted area and higher yield.
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Japan: USJTA Treatment for Coffee Tea and Spices 2023

The U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement (USJTA) entered Year 5 of the agreement implementation on April 1, 2023. This report is one in a series of product briefs highlighting the tariff benefits for specific commodities and products from Year 5 (2023) to Year 7 (2025) of the Agreement.
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Taiwan: Spilling the Beans about Specialty Coffee in Taiwan

In 2022, Taiwan imported US$ 279.1 million of coffee, an increase of 35.2 percent. It has one of the highest densities of coffee shops in the world.
World Production, Markets, and Trade Report

Coffee: World Markets and Trade

This biannual report, published in June and December, includes data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in coffee.
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Honduras: Coffee Annual

Honduras coffee production is expected to reach 7.2 million 60-kilogram bags in marketing year 2022-23, a thirty-three percent increase from the previous year.
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Brazil: Coffee Annual

Post forecasts the Brazilian coffee production for Marketing Year 2023/24 (July-June) at 66.4 million 60-kg bags, an increase of 3.8 million bags compared to the previous crop. Post forecasts arabica production at 44.7 million bags, an increase of 12 percent from the previous season due to favorable weather conditions in growing regions.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

El Salvador: Coffee Annual

El Salvador's coffee production is expected to reach 650,000 sixty-kg bags in marketing year (MY) 2022/23. The Salvadoran coffee sector continues to struggle mainly due to climate vulnerability and a lack of long-term strategy that hinders needed investment at the farm level.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Vietnam: Coffee Annual

Post revised its Vietnam marketing year 2022/2023 (MY 2022/23) coffee production estimate down to 29.750 million bags, green bean equivalent (GBE), based on lower yields, high production costs, and a drop in cultivation area.