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Spain: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

This report describes the agricultural biotechnology sector in Spain, covering production and trade, policy, and marketing aspects.
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Spain: Cotton and Products - Spain Update 2023

Irrigation water limitations in the Guadalquivir basin have nearly halved cotton production in Andalusia, Spain’s main producing region.
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Spain: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

Spanish tourism is rapidly recovering from the effects of the pandemic and reaching pre-pandemic levels. Demonstrating a definitive return to pre-pandemic normality, 2023 has seen stabilization in the growth of the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector.
Spain’s swine sector expects a continued downward trend in swine and pork production in 2023 and 2024 to slightly less than 5 million tons of pork and below 55 million heads slaughtered.
For MY 2023/24, lower area and poor yields are expected to push production levels well below the previous year’s levels.
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Spain: Retail Foods

In 2022, Spain imported $1.98 billion worth of agricultural, seafood and forest products from the United States, up 28 percent compared to the previous year. The latest European Union (EU) economic forecast predicts that Spain's growth forecast will be 1.9 percent in 2023, above the EU average.
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Spain: Spanish Berry Outlook

The Spanish strawberry sector is robust, with production mainly destined for the domestic market, the EU, and UK. Other berry production, especially blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, has become an alternative in recent years to strawberry production as a value-added crop for Spanish farmers.
Several Spain grain supply chain actors have released their first estimates for grain production for MY 2023/24 and concur with the poor crop prospects.
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Spain: Spain Soybean and Products Market Outlook

This report presents an overview of Spain’s soybean and products market. Imports of soybean and soybean products to Spain amount on average to nearly 6 million metric tons (MT) per year. The robust, dynamic, and export-oriented livestock sector drives the country’s feed ingredients demand.
Spanish cattle production may continue to decrease in 2023 due to high production costs, expected reduction of Spanish live cattle exports to non-EU markets, and the severe drought experienced in Spain since fall 2022 that has impacted cattle feed.
Spain is facing a second consecutive year of poor grains crops. While northernmost grain producing areas still hold production potential, yields in the country’s southeast are estimated to have declined significantly.
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Spain: Spanish Wood Pellet Market Outlook 2023

Spain is a net exporter of wood pellets. The country's pellet production hit a new record in 2022, amounting to 768,000 Metric Tons (MT).