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ATO Taipei, in partnership with thirteen Taiwan craft beer breweries and four U.S. craft beer importers, delivered a successful consumer-facing craft beer festival that promoted U.S. ingredients through 84 craft beers.
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Taiwan: Taiwan Seafood Market Update 2024

Taiwan's overall seafood imports declined to US$1.9 billion in 2023, down 11 percent from 2022. Seafood exports from the United States, however, grew by 40 percent, and amounted to nearly US$45 million. Among the top ten foreign suppliers, the United States is the only one that expanded exports.
In Taiwan, chocolate is one of the major categories in the sweets department. In 2023, the market imported $141 million worth of chocolate and related products, among which $29 million are from the US, making it Taiwan’s biggest chocolate supplier.
The U.S. Hoppy Duo IPA trade outreach event, featuring lead brewmasters from Sierra Nevada and Fremont breweries, achieved remarkable success in strengthening relations between the U.S. and Taiwan’s craft beer industries.
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Taiwan: Oilseeds and Products Annual

Taiwan’s soybean imports are forecast at 2.65 MMT for MY2023/2024 and MY2024/2025, a slight recovery from the previous MY. Weakness in feed demand due to animal diseases was one of the causes for lower soybean imports and reduced crush for MY 2022/2023.
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Taiwan: Food Processing Ingredients Annual

In 2023, Taiwan imported US$3.7 billion agricultural products from the US, which accounted for 24.47 percent of the island’s total import value. Its food processing industry produced $30 billion of processed food and beverages, among which the strongest subsectors are animal feed, meat processing, baked goods, and non-alcoholic beverages.
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Taiwan: Grain and Feed Annual

In MY2024/2025, Taiwan’s wheat imports are forecast at 1.4 MMT. The United States is expected to recover market share from Australia due to better competitiveness and availability. MY2023/2024 and MY2024/2025 corn imports are forecast to recover to 4.55 MMT due to improved feed demand outlook, with restocking in both the hog and poultry sectors.
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Taiwan: 2023 Taiwan Agricultural Exports Summary

In 2023, for the second consecutive year, the United States remained the number one export market for Taiwan’s agricultural and related products, taking 17 percent (valued at $935 million) of Taiwan’s exports.
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Taiwan: 2023 US Agricultural Exports to Taiwan Summary

In 2023, the total value of U.S. agricultural and related products exported to Taiwan was $3.7 billion, a decrease of 15 percent compared to the previous year.
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Taiwan: 2024 Taiwan Enhanced Border Inspection List

Taiwan published its annual list of food and agriculture imports receiving enhanced border inspection in 2024. U.S. fresh cherries are the only U.S.-origin item on the list. This announcement is effective from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.
On December 25, 2023, Taiwan announced that U.S. cherries exported to Taiwan will undergo enhanced border inspection (20 – 50 percent inspection rate) from April 1 until September 30, 2024.
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Taiwan: FAIRS Annual Country Report

In 2022, Taiwan was the seventh largest export market for U.S. food and agricultural products, valued at over $4.4 billion. Imported food and agricultural products must comply with a range of laws designed to protect human health and prevent the introduction of animal and plant pests or diseases.