Dairy, Livestock and Poultry

U.S. Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Exports in 2023

Total Export Value
$34.49 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
11 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$35.64 Billion
Compound Average Growth
1.1% (2014-2023)
Market Total Value (USD)
Mexico $7.6 Billion
China $4.75 Billion
Canada $4.05 Billion
Japan $3.74 Billion
South Korea $3.2 Billion
Taiwan $1.17 Billion
Philippines $771.19 Million
European Union $640.74 Million
Dominican Republic $624.22 Million
Hong Kong $580.52 Million
Top 10 Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Export Markets 2014 - 2023
Annual Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Exports 2014 - 2023

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Data and Analysis

U.S. agricultural exports are a critical source of farm income. The USDA Economic Research Service estimates that on average 23 percent of the output of nonmanufactured agricultural products were exported between 2013 and 2022.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Australia: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

Milk production in Australia for 2024 is estimated to increase, for the first time since 2020, by 3.3 percent to 8.75 million metric tons (MMT). Industry confidence is elevated by high milk prices for dairy farmers over recent years and, also lower feed and fertilizer prices and broadly good seasonal conditions in 2024.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

European Union: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

EU milk production in 2024 is forecast to fall slightly to 148.9 million metric tons (MMT), from an estimated 149.3 MMT in 2023 as a result of declining cow numbers and lower milk production profitability. With lower milk production, which will only be partially offset by lower expected fluid milk consumption, factory use consumption is also forecast to minimally decrease in 2024.

News and Features

U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Alexis M. Taylor will lead an historic agribusiness trade mission to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from June 17-20, 2024.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative are accepting applications for new members to serve on agricultural trade advisory committees.
News Release

USMCA Panel Releases Canada Dairy Report

A dispute settlement panel established under the USMCA has released a report regarding Canada’s dairy tariff-rate quota allocation measures.