U.S. Live Animals Exports in 2023

Total Export Value
$1.12 Billion
3-Year Average
$1.16 Billion
Compound Average Growth
1.9% (2014-2023)
Market Total Value (USD)
Canada $516.63 Million
Mexico $137.65 Million
European Union $70.32 Million
Japan $45.8 Million
Indonesia $34.23 Million
China $30.79 Million
Saudi Arabia $30.11 Million
South Korea $26.03 Million
Philippines $23.96 Million
Thailand $21.78 Million
Top 10 Live Animals Export Markets 2014 - 2023
Annual Live Animals Exports 2014 - 2023

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Data and Analysis

In recent years, and particularly in 2024, the Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) has received inquiries from local importers looking for U.S. ox gallstones - signaling an underlying demand for this byproduct in Hong Kong.
On January 30, 2024, Vietnam notified a draft Circular concerning the quarantine of terrestrial animals and their products to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Restricts Exports of Bulls and Rams

In March 2021, Kazakhstan put in place a ban on breeding cattle and ram exports. The ban remains in place. An annual, per operation export quota has been added for exports of bulls of 12-months of age or older and rams of 6-months of age or older; the quota is regularly updated.