U.S. Trade with Spain in 2022

Total Export Value
$1.93 Billion
3-Year Average
$1.76 Billion
Compound Average Growth
-0.17% (2013-2022)
Total Export Value 2013 - 2022
Export Value by Commodity 2022

Top 10 Exports to Spain in 2022

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Tree Nuts $664.51 Million 141,135 $700.6 Million 8%
Soybeans $400.74 Million 674,975 $442.15 Million -19%
Corn $156.32 Million 498,141 $61.02 Million 982%
Distilled Spirits $145.08 Million --- $96.47 Million 113%
Fish and Seafood $100.49 Million 23,478 $101.68 Million -13%
Forest Products $89.37 Million --- $80.36 Million 69%
Distillers Grains $65.27 Million 239,065 $31.1 Million 1366%
Coarse Grains (excl. corn) $44.23 Million 118,526 $22.47 Million 396%
Pulses $29.42 Million 31,185 $39.55 Million -41%
Vegetable Oils (excl. soybean) $28.57 Million 10,383 $29.56 Million -44%

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Attaché Report (GAIN)

Spain: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

Spanish tourism is rapidly recovering from the effects of the pandemic and reaching pre-pandemic levels. Demonstrating a definitive return to pre-pandemic normality, 2023 has seen stabilization in the growth of the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector.
Spain’s swine sector expects a continued downward trend in swine and pork production in 2023 and 2024 to slightly less than 5 million tons of pork and below 55 million heads slaughtered.
For MY 2023/24, lower area and poor yields are expected to push production levels well below the previous year’s levels.


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News and Features

June 6, 2023
Export Sales Announcement

Export Sales to Spain

Private exporters reported sales of 165,000 MT of soybeans for delivery to Spain during MY 2022/2023.
Staying true to its mission of expanding U.S. agricultural and food exports, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service started the final month of 2022 with a bang. The Spain Agricultural Trade Mission was the largest and most...
USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service Associate Administrator Clay Hamilton arrived today in Madrid to launch a USDA agribusiness trade mission to Spain.

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