Exporter Success - Mike's Hot Honey

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Exporting is still new to Mike’s Hot Honey and Michael Kurtz, founder of the Brooklyn-based company, is excited to where it takes him. Kurtz says that dealing with international laws and logistics can be a challenge for a small business like his, but that he’s succeeding thanks to the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its partner organization, Food Export-Northeast. “It’s helpful to have somebody guide us through the process and USDA has done a nice job of really helping us understand the laws and giving us consultation on how to effectively export,” Kurtz says. USDA and Food Export Northeast have also helped Kurtz participate in trade shows where he’s been able to market his chili pepper-infused honey to potential customers from around the world. Learn more about how USDA helps U.S. companies like Mike’s Hot Honey build global markets for their products at: http://www.fas.usda.gov/topics/exporting.