FY 2021 Compliance Review Schedule - Market Development Programs

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FAS Reviewer

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Blue Diamond Growers Susan Owen
National Potato Promotion Board Eugene Irvin/ Hedy Pajonk
Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council Kendra Young-Strickler
Food Export Midwest (Assist) Eugene Irvin/ Kendra Young-Strickler
The Popcorn Board Eugene Irvin
Michigan State University Hedy Pajonk
Southern U.S. Trade Association (Assist) Kendra Young-Strickler/ Hedy Pajonk
Welch Foods, Inc. Katina Cooper/ Hedy Pajonk
New York Wine & Grape Foundation Katina Cooper/ Hedy Pajonk
Bunge Global Markets, Inc. (GSM) Kelly Hauhn
Intertribal Agriculture Council Susan Owen
Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (Assist) Kelly Hauhn/Susan Owen
Food Export Northeast (Assist) Katina Cooper/ Trinishia Samuels
U.S. Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee Katina Cooper
Northwest Horticultural Council Trinishia Samuels
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (Assist) Trinishia Samuels/ Hedy Pajonk
National Renderers Association Kelly Hauhn
U.S. Dairy Export Council (Assist) Trinishia Samuels/ Susan Owen
North American Export Grain Association Eugene Irvin