Vegetable Oils (excl. soybean)

U.S. Vegetable Oils (excl. soybean) Exports in 2023

Total Export Value
$1.42 Billion
3-Year Average
$1.8 Billion
Compound Average Growth
-1.54% (2014-2023)
Market Total Value (USD)
Canada $315.44 Million
Mexico $276.19 Million
Singapore $147.5 Million
European Union $133.39 Million
Kuwait $62.59 Million
Saudi Arabia $46.98 Million
Ethiopia $29.9 Million
China $26.54 Million
Chile $21.79 Million
Brazil $16.75 Million
Top 10 Vegetable Oils (excl. soybean) Export Markets 2014 - 2023
Annual Vegetable Oils (excl. soybean) Exports 2014 - 2023

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Attaché Report (GAIN)

European Union: Oilseeds and Products Annual

MY 2024/25 European Union oilseed production is forecast to decline by about one percent over the previous year with good yields. This forecast is based on the assumption of average growing conditions, lower, more average yields, but increased area which cannot make up for the lower yields.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Pakistan: Oilseeds and Products Annual

While there is still considerable uncertainty regarding implementation, in January 2024 the government approved a system allowing for the resumption of genetically engineered commodity imports.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Indonesia: Oilseeds and Products Annual

Indonesia palm oil production is forecast to rise marginally to 47 million metric tons (MMT) in 2024/25 on expected recovery from extreme weather in 2023.