U.S. Hay Exports in 2023

Total Export Value
$1.32 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
3 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$1.51 Billion
Compound Average Growth
2.3% (2014-2023)
Market Total Value (USD)
China $397.2 Million
Japan $368.74 Million
Saudi Arabia $203.06 Million
South Korea $148.03 Million
United Arab Emirates $67.42 Million
Taiwan $57.55 Million
Canada $30.61 Million
Qatar $20.08 Million
Oman $4.84 Million
Kuwait $3.53 Million
Top 10 Hay Export Markets 2014 - 2023
Annual Hay Exports 2014 - 2023

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Data and Analysis

In 2021, Chinese imports of alfalfa pellets hit record levels of 52,254 metric tons (MT) and $13.66 million by value, increases of 62 percent and 70 percent respectively. The market is dominated by Spanish-origin pellets.
International Agricultural Trade Report

Opportunities for U.S. Agricultural Exports to the United Kingdom

As the 14th largest export destination, the United Kingdom (UK) has been an important and growing market for U.S. agricultural products. Shared heritage and cultural ties have continued to bolster U.S.-UK trade. The United States is the second largest UK agricultural supplier, behind the European Union (EU). The market presents many opportunities for intermediate and consumer-oriented products.
On January 11, 2021, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that India and the United States agreed to a framework that will implement market access for agricultural products from both countries.

News and Features

China’s growing middle class and rising demand for high-quality food products have led to a boom in the country’s dairy sector. With the help of USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the Cochran Fellowship Program, U.S. alfalfa hay producers...