Biodiesel & Blends > B30

U.S. Biodiesel & Blends > B30 Exports in 2022

Total Export Value
$1.54 Billion
3-Year Average
$886 Million
Compound Average Growth
8.8% (2013-2022)

Top 10 Markets for Biodiesel & Blends > B30 in 2022

Market Total Value (USD)
Canada $1.32 Billion
Peru $144.41 Million
European Union $58.2 Million
Norway $14.29 Million
Singapore $1.62 Million
Indonesia $369,267
Mexico $244,997
Argentina $130,203
India $106,077
Chile $105,266
Top 10 Biodiesel & Blends > B30 Export Markets 2013 - 2022
Annual Biodiesel & Blends > B30 Exports 2013 - 2022

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Attaché Report (GAIN)

Philippines: Higher Voluntary Ethanol Blends Considered

The Philippine government is currently studying higher ethanol blends in gasoline on a voluntary basis up to 20 percent (beyond the 10 percent mandate).
The Government of Indonesia is set to increase its biodiesel blending mandate from 30 percent to 35 percent in February 2023, a month later than initially announced. The new blending rate is expected to increase palm oil use for fuel to 12.5 million...
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Argentina: Biofuels Annual

Argentine bioethanol consumption for 2022 is forecast at a record 1.1 billion liters due to the combination of increased gasoline demand and a higher blend rate, close to the maximum official blend rate. Biodiesel production in 2022 is projected to...

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