China: Grain and Feed Update

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Corn production in MY2022/23 is revised up slightly based on National Bureau of Statistics data indicating a better harvest in the North China Plain which more than offset smaller yields in the northeast. Feed mills have resumed mixing more corn in feed rations as higher prices for wheat and sorghum reduce demand for corn alternatives. At the same time, Brazilian corn is now available and priced competitively with domestic corn. Sorghum imports are forecast down significantly in MY2022/23 with a smaller U.S. crop and high prices. Rice imports are forecast lower with smaller production in supplying markets and owing to a rice-related export ban in one of those countries.

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On January 26, the People’s Republic of China published draft “Measures for the Management of Red Lines for Protection of Permanent Basic Farmland,” for public comment through February 26, 2024.
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Peru: Blueberry Annual

Following nearly exponential growth in the last decade, Peru's blueberry export volume fell in 2023 as a result of warmer weather conditions, especially in the principal production areas of northern Peru, which severely limited flowering between March and October.
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China: Revised Draft Cereals Seed Standards Notified

On February 12, 2024, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) notified the National Standard for Seed of Food Crops – Part 1: Cereals (Draft) to the World Trade Organization (WTO).