Chile: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Semi-annual

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In marketing year (MY) 2022/23, FAS Santiago estimates that table grape production will decrease by 8.6 percent reaching 720,000 metric tons and that exports will decrease by 8.7 percent, totaling 555,000 metric tons. For MY 2022/23, FAS Santiago estimates apple production at 1,000,000 MT, a 2.9 percent decrease from MY 2021/22 on lower planted area. Apple exports will reach 583,000 MT, a 3.2 percent decrease from MY 2021/22. Considering the declining trend in pear planted area, FAS Santiago estimates Chile’s MY 2022/23 fresh pear production to decrease by 4.8 percent and total 210,000 MT, with exports decreasing by 4.9 percent and totaling 110,000 metric tons.

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