Bangladesh: Grain and Feed Update

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In marketing year (MY) 2022/23, Post’s rice harvested area and production forecasts increased slightly to 11.55 million hectares and 35.85 million metric tons (MT), respectively, on a good Aman season harvest. Post's wheat harvested area and production forecasts for MY 2022/23 remain unchanged at 310 thousand hectares and 1.10 million MT, respectively, equal to the USDA projection. However, Post’s MY 2022/23 corn production forecast increased to 4.85 million MT. Retail prices of wheat flour and corn hit record highs in December 2022, while rice prices remain elevated, due to higher international prices, appreciation of the U.S. dollar, and high inflation. Post increased its MY 2022/23 rice import forecast to 1 million MT and decreased the wheat import forecast to 5 million MT, leaving the corn import forecast unchanged at 2.2 million MT.

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