Philippines - July 2022

Trade Mission
July 18-21, 2022
Photo of Manilla in the evening

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is accepting applications from U.S. exporters for an agricultural trade mission to Manila, Philippines, July 18-21, 2022. The mission will provide U.S. growers, producers, and exporters the opportunity to explore a thriving market that is expected to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with one of the strongest growth forecasts in Asia.

The Philippines is the eighth-largest export market for U.S. agricultural and food exports, averaging $3.1 billion annually during the last five years. It offers U.S. agribusinesses tremendous export potential thanks to its young and fast-growing population, strong consumer preference for U.S. foods and beverages, and robust service-based economy, which has reported increased sales in food retail, food service, and food processing following the country’s economic reopening.

“As the Administration works to provide new and better market opportunities for U.S. agricultural exporters, the Philippines sets itself apart from the rest with a U.S. partnership that spans decades and an even brighter future for trade,” said USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Administrator Daniel Whitley. “The Philippines and the United States just marked the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two countries and the United States is proud to be one of the Philippines’ largest economic partners. When it comes to U.S. foods and beverages in particular, U.S. brands are highly regarded as safe, reliable, and of good quality, and are the leaders in the marketplace, accounting for 21 percent market share.”

For U.S. companies interested in exploring the Philippine market, strong export opportunities include beef; pork; poultry; cheese and cheese products; food preparations, including infant food; fresh vegetables; healthy foods; gourmet; convenience food products; processed fruit and vegetables; wines, beer, and distilled spirits; pet food; seafood products; and tree nuts.

“USDA is also pleased to be partnering with the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA and Food Export USA–Northeast for this mission,” added Whitley. “Strong collaboration between FAS and the U.S. agricultural industry will ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers both internationally and right here at home.” 

While in Manila, participants will conduct business-to-business meetings with potential importers, receive in-depth market briefings from FAS and industry trade experts, and participate in site visits and other networking opportunities.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: May 18th, 2022

Status: Closed

Data and Analysis

International Agricultural Trade Report

High Growth Potential for U.S. Agricultural Exports to the Philippines

The Philippines is the eighth largest market for U.S. agricultural exports and the top market in Southeast Asia. Already a longstanding and reliable trading partner, the Philippines continues to offer many opportunities for exporters because of its young and growing population and rising household income.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Philippines: FAIRS Annual Country Report Annual

This report outlines Philippine government requirements for the importation of food and agricultural products. The report aims to assist U.S. exporters by providing information on labeling, packaging, permitted ingredients, and other relevant information.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Philippines: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

This report outlines the Philippine government’s required documents of the United States in order to facilitate the importation of U.S. food and agricultural products. Post has not made substantive changes to the report for 2022.

News and Features

Sometimes, even the most successful and experienced entrepreneurs need a little extra help navigating ways to diversify and expand their business model. For dairy products and ingredients company, Tedford/Tellico, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee, that was the case in 2022, when its Global Sales Director Matthew Tedford attended his first-ever USDA-sponsored agribusiness trade mission more than 8,500 miles away in the Philippines.
USDA is accepting applications from U.S. exporters for an agricultural trade mission to Manila, Philippines, July 18-21, 2022.
As part of USDA's commitment to expanding and diversifying global market opportunities for U.S. agriculture, the Department will sponsor four additional international trade missions in 2022,