U.S. Trade with Israel in 2023

Export Market Rank
#39 Among U.S. Agricultural Export Markets
Total Export Value
$452.86 Million
3-Year Average
$587.6 Million
Compound Average Growth
-4.4% (2014-2023)
Total Export Value 2014 - 2023
Export Value by Commodity 2023

Top 10 Exports to Israel in 2023

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Tree Nuts $104.84 Million 16,676 $125.16 Million -15%
Distillers Grains $51.24 Million 174,228 $43.25 Million 14%
Other Feeds, Meals & Fodders $31.22 Million 115,600 $42.55 Million -47%
Baked Goods $26.99 Million 6,187 $20.08 Million 36%
Processed Fruit $21.67 Million 5,105 $21.96 Million -17%
Soybean Meal $18.98 Million 38,457 $28.3 Million -39%
Condiments & Sauces $18.23 Million 8,377 $14.94 Million 50%
Food Preparations $15.75 Million 2,306 $19.95 Million -28%
Fresh Fruit $14.91 Million 10,953 $16.15 Million 14%
Dog & Cat Food $14.9 Million 6,453 $14.26 Million -8%

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Data and Analysis

Türkiye, Israel’s third largest foreign supplier of imported agricultural and related products, recently announced a ban on all trade with Israel due to the regional conflict. Accordingly, Israeli importers may look to source certain agricultural imports from elsewhere.
Since March 25, 2024, the Government of Israel has notified the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) several times on regulatory proposals related to European Standards.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Israel: Grain and Feed Annual

FAS/Tel Aviv (Post) forecasts Israel’s marketing year (MY) 2024/45 wheat imports to increase due a decline in domestic production, a need to increase stocks because of the Israel-Hamas conflict, as well as lower international grain prices.

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The Agriculture Innovation Mission (AIM) for Climate will increase and accelerate global innovation research and development on agriculture and food systems in support of climate action.
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