U.S. Trade with Bulgaria in 2021

Total Export Value
$21.15 Million
3-Year Average
$22.73 Million
Compound Average Growth
-4.29% (2012-2021)
Total Export Value 2012 - 2021
Export Value by Commodity 2021

Top 10 Exports to Bulgaria in 2021

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Tree Nuts $6.2 Million 1,268 $8.39 Million -14%
Distilled Spirits $3.24 Million --- $5.92 Million -47%
Food Preparations $2.96 Million 102 $1.49 Million 113%
Other Intermediate Products $2.38 Million 465 $1.78 Million 259%
Planting Seeds $1.39 Million 192 $1.43 Million 459%
Other Bulk Commodities $990,430 697 $1.18 Million 1990%
Dextrins, Peptones, & Proteins $940,797 385 $693,835 19%
Oilseeds (ex. soybean) $827,080 657 $417,238 ---
Forest Products $594,332 --- $694,874 -56%
Dairy Products $333,218 60 $265,303 1567%

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Data and Analysis

The U.S. Census Bureau’s bulk, intermediate, and consumer-oriented (BICO) export data tracks U.S. food and agricultural trade shipped directly to Bulgaria. However, it does not measure the substantial levels of the U.S. agricultural trade to Bulgaria routed through Western European ports of entry. According to BICO, U.S. suppliers shipped $28.1 million of U.S. food and agriculture to Bulgaria in 2021.
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Bulgaria: Poultry and Products Annual

Bulgaria’s poultry sector had a recovery period in marketing year (MY) 2021 with slight growth. Despite sharply increased feed prices, the pandemic’s negative impact on the hospitality and tourism sectors has waned and the export market has slightly improved. This led to an increase in poultry inventory, and higher poultry and broiler meat output.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Bulgaria: Dairy and Products Annual

The Bulgarian dairy industry faced significant challenges in Marketing Year (MY) 2021 with the national dairy herd, cow milk production and collection, as well as processing contracting. A dry and hot summer, combined with increasing feed grain prices, inflation pressure (especially of energy supply), and a labor deficit led to a decline in the number of dairy farms and stocks. Consolidation and restructuring of the industry continued through the dominating role of larger, more efficient dairy operations.

News and Features

The I america website features more than 200 U.S. brands of food and beverage products that are now being imported to Bulgaria for the first time. Bulgarian consumers now have online access to a variety of American food and beverage products thanks...

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