MAP Funding Allocations - FY 2024

OrganizationFY 2024 Allocation
AHEC, APA, SEC, and SFPA*$6,679,903
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute              $4,696,365
American Feed Industry Association$172,908
American Peanut Council                           $2,291,576
American Pecan Council$544,534
American Pistachio Growers/Cal-Pure Produce $1,879,102
American Seed Trade Association                   $478,777
American Sheep Industry Association               $364,717
American Soybean Association                      $5,588,858
American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute$469,116
Blue Diamond Growers/Almond Board of California$2,854,532
Brewers Association, Inc.                         $781,296
California Agricultural Export Council            $678,747
California Cherry Marketing and Research Board$353,641
California Dried Plum Board$3,057,138
California Fresh Fruit Association $389,229
California Olive Committee$174,186
California Pear Advisory Board                   $392,626
California Strawberry Commission$345,792
California Table Grape Commission                 $2,952,949
California Walnut Commission                     $3,635,658
Cherry Marketing Institute                       $319,963
Cotton Council International$14,796,376
Cranberry Marketing Committee$0
Distilled Spirits Council                         $936,663
Florida Department of Citrus$3,199,352
Florida Tomato Committee $251,774
Food Export Association of the Midwest USA               $10,110,053
Food Export USA NE                                $8,298,019
Ginseng Board of Wisconsin                        $348,008
Hop Growers of America$365,665
Intertribal Agriculture Council                   $294,165
Leather and Hide Council of America$788,572
Mohair Council of America                        $134,537
National Association of State Depts. of Ag.       $1,010,280
National Confectioners Association                $1,310,071
National Industrial Hemp Council$201,444
National Potato Promotion Board                  $5,025,605
National Sunflower Association$936,564
National Watermelon Promotion Board              $251,909
New York Wine and Grape Foundation          $644,973
North American Export Grain Association$271,238
North American Renderers Association                  $795,323
Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition           $1,292,292
Organic Trade Association$760,633
Pear Bureau Northwest$3,088,111
Pet Food Institute                                $1,344,090
Raisin Administrative Committee$2,540,444
Southern United States Trade Association          $6,650,568
Sunkist Growers, Inc.                            $1,857,369
Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council            $191,610
The Popcorn Board$313,080
U.S. Apple Export Council$780,425
U.S. Dairy Export Council                         $4,587,026
U.S. Dry Bean Council                             $1,138,915
U.S. Grains Council                               $8,668,734
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council$495,655
U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.              $1,568,805
U.S. Meat Export Federation                       $12,816,522
U.S. Wheat Associates                             $4,808,242
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council                    $1,090,465
USA Poultry and Egg Export Council                $5,622,470
USA Rice Federation/U.S. Rice Producers Assn.$3,324,445
Washington Apple Commission$5,400,775
Washington State Fruit Commission                 $1,690,511
Welch Foods, Inc.                                  $669,476
Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association$7,487,652
Wine Institute                               $7,008,064