Food for Progress Funding - FY 2023

CountryImplementerEstimated ValueCommodity Monetized 
BangladeshACDI/VOCA$34,365,000.00 50,000 MT soybeans 
Cote d'IvoireTechnoServe$34,770,571.6150,000 MT soybean meal
The GambiaShelter for Life$27,700,000.0040,000 MT soybean meal
LesothoLand O' Lakes Venture37$31,392,529.0050,000 MT wheat
MauritaniaPartners of the Americas$36,150,000.0060,000 MT wheat
NepalLutheran World Relief$33,560,500.0030,000 MT soybeans and 20,000 MT wheat
TogoLutheran World Relief$29,879,180.0040,000 MT soybean meal

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