Peru: Secretary Vilsack Expands Market Access for U.S. Beef During USDA Trade Mission

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Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack’s March 13-16 visit to Lima invigorated the $3 billion U.S.- Peru bilateral agricultural trade relationship, reopening the Peruvian market to all U.S. beef and beef products. His trip to Peru, the first by a sitting Secretary of Agriculture and one of the longest in Secretary Vilsack’s tenure, highlighted the remarkable success and transformative impact of the U.S.- Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA). Secretary Vilsack highlighted the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), cooperation on climate change, and opportunities for bilateral ethanol trade. He underscored with interlocutors and local press how Peru’s trade-driven economic growth has been a driver for reducing poverty. A 34-company strong agribusiness trade mission, one of the largest to date for USDA, accompanied the Secretary.

Peru: Secretary Vilsack Expands Market Access for U.S. Beef in Peru during Agribusiness Trade Mission (ATM)

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