India: Grain and Feed Annual

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India is heading for a record wheat harvest this marketing year (MY) thanks to highly favorable weather conditions in the major wheat growing areas. FAS New Delhi (Post) forecasts MY 2022/2023 (April-March) wheat production at a record 110 million metric tons (MMT) from 30.9 million hectares, and up from last year’s record 109.6 MMT from 31.1 million hectares. With the Russo-Ukrainian war disrupting supply from the Black Sea, Indian wheat is primed for record exports. Post forecasts MY 2022/2023 wheat exports at 10 MMT (record) on continued competitive prices in the region and sufficient domestic supplies. MY 2022/2023 rice production is forecast at 125 MMT, from 46 million hectares planted area, with yields of 4.08 MT/hectare (rough rice). In MY 2021/2022, farmers saw comparatively better returns from these two grains over other crops as the above-normal 2021 monsoon and weather conditions supported record yields.

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