Ghana: Ghana Oilseeds Voluntary 2023

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Post forecasts MY2023/24 palm oil production up by 20 percent over the current marketing year’s estimate. Total domestic consumption is forecast marginally up, imports are expected to drop by 14 percent due to increased domestic production, but exports are forecast significantly up compared to the current marketing year’s estimate. MY2023/24 soybean production has been forecast at 260,000 MT by Post, up by about two percent from the MY2022/23 estimate of 255,000 MT. The increase will be in response to the growing domestic and export demands. Post forecasts area planted and harvested in MY2023/24 at 145,000 HA, up by two percent from the MY2022/23 estimate of 142,000 HA. MY2023/24 total domestic consumption demand for soybean is forecast at 215,000MT, up by 10 percent from the MY2022/23 estimate mainly due to expected increased demand from food use domestic consumption, food manufacturing sector, the aquaculture industries, and increased demand from the poultry industry.

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Alcoholic beverages imported into Ghana increased from $56 million in 2019 to $87 million in 2023. Similarly, imports of U.S. alcoholic beverages to Ghana are on an upward trend in the same period from $267,000 in 2019 to $1 million in 2023.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

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Ghana’s economic decline is starting to stabilize after the country sought International Monetary Fund (IMF) support through an Extended Credit Facility (ECF) program worth approximately $3 billion.
A batch of U.S. frozen confectionary was almost rejected at Hong Kong’s port of entry due to an erroneously formatted health certificate.