Ethiopia: Coffee Annual

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Coffee is Ethiopia’s main export commodity, contributing to the livelihoods of more than 15 million smallholder farmers and other actors in the coffee sector. Ethiopia’s coffee production for MY 2022/23 (Oct-Sep) is forecast at 8.25 million 60-kilogram bags (495,000 MT). Exports are forecasted to reach a record 4.72 million bags (280,560 MT). Exports in MY 2021/22 reached to 4.70 million bags (282,000 MT). Ethiopia’s primary export destinations in 2020/21 were Germany, Saudi Arabia, US, Belgium, and Japan. Local consumption in MY 2021/22 is estimated to increase to 3.45 million bags (207,000 MT). Many coffee farmers are switching from growing coffee to khat for economic reasons. Ethiopia is in crisis recovery phase from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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