Dominican Republic: Sugar Annual

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With expected normal rainfall patterns over the main sugarcane production zones, Post forecasts sugar production in the Dominican Republic to be 630,000 metric tons (MT) in Marketing Year (MY) 2022/2023 (October/September), a 2 percent increase over the previous period last year. In MY 2021/22, Post estimates sugar production at 620,000 MT with an industrial average yield of approximately 11 percent. Additionally, in MY 2021/22, Post projects exports to remain unchanged at 190,000 MT. Dominican exports are expected to fill the U.S. annual sugar tariff-rate quota (TRQ) due to price premiums in the U.S. market and small, informal exports to Haiti.

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Kenya’s sugar production is expected to increase 40 percent in marketing year (MY) 2024/25 to 750,000 metric tons (MT) due to an increase in area harvested after the expiration of a ban on sugarcane harvesting issued by Kenya’s Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA).
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