Costa Rica: Costa Rica Declares Screwworm Emergency

  |   Attaché Report (GAIN)   |   CS2024-0003
Costa Rica declared the re-emergence of New World screwworm a national emergency on February 7, 2024, nearly 7 months after reporting its first case since the late 1990s. Amid increasing case counts, expanding geographic distribution, and stringent fiscal controls, the emergency declaration should provide Costa Rican animal health authorities access to resources needed to "prevent, control, and eradicate" New World screwworm from Costa Rica. USDA and Costa Rica jointly funded the campaign that successfully eradicated New World screwworm in 2000; USDA suspended Costa Rica's 'free from' status for New World screwworm in August 2023, imposing additional requirements on live animals entering the United States from Costa Rica.

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