China: Stone Fruit Annual

  |   Attaché Report (GAIN)   |   CH2022-0078

China’s cherry production is forecast at 650,000 MT in MY 2022/23, driven by expanded area in the northwest and southwest. Cherry imports from the U.S. are expected to fall because of reduced supplies and COVID related logistical issues. China’s peach and nectarine production is forecast to increase to 16.8 MMT in MY 2022/23 on favorable growing conditions. Exports are expected to regain lost ground from MY 2021/22 with the resumption of market access to Russia.

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In January 2024, the Israeli Ministry of Health’s National Food Services found that cultivated beef is “safe for human consumption.”
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Kazakhstan: Grain and Feed Update

Marketing year 2023/2024 wheat production is expected to drop sharply to around three-quarters of last year’s level as a result of the June drought and excessive rains in the fall of 2023 that affected Kazakhstan’s major grain producing Northern region.
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China: Revised Draft Oil Seed Standard Notified

On February 12, 2024, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) notified the National Standard for Seed of Economic Crops – Part 2: Oil Species (Draft) to the World Trade Organization (WTO).