Requirement for Exporters, Sellers, and U.S. Financial Institutions Participating in the GSM-102 and Facility Guarantee Programs (FGP) to Provide SAM Unique Entity Identifier

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All exporters, sellers and U.S. financial institutions participating in the GSM-102 and/or FGP programs must provide their System for Award Management (SAM) Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) via the Online GSM System (if a currently approved program participant) or at the time of qualification (for new participants).  As of January 14, 2022, exporters and sellers will be unable to receive payment guarantees, and U.S. financial institutions will be unable to take assignment of guarantees, if not in compliance with this requirement.  This provision replaces the requirement to submit a Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) number for program participation as referenced in 7 CFR 1493.30(a)(1)(ii) for exporters and 7 CFR 1493.40(a)(2) for U.S. financial institutions.

If your entity is currently registered in, your Unique Entity ID (SAM UEI) has already been assigned and is viewable in The UEI is currently located below the DUNS Number on your entity registration record.  If you are a new applicant, your UEI will be assigned to you when you register in

The requirements to register in and to obtain a UEI can be found in 2 CRF Part 25.  For questions or further information, see the SAM regulations at 2 CFR Part 25 or contact the Operations and Analysis Branch of the Foreign Agricultural Service at (202) 720-6211 or by email at