Ukraine is one of the world’s top agricultural producers and exporters and plays a critical role in supplying oilseeds and grains to the global market. More than 55 percent of the country is arable land and agriculture provides employment for 14 percent of Ukraine’s population.

Agricultural products are Ukraine’s most important exports. In 2021 they totaled $27.8 billion, accounting for 41 percent of the country’s $68 billion in overall exports.

Please click here to access additional information published by USDA pertaining to the Russian war on Ukraine and its global agricultural and food security impacts.

U.S. Trade with Ukraine in 2022

Export Market Rank
#89 Among U.S. Agricultural Export Markets
Total Export Value
$56.54 Million
3-Year Average
$134.84 Million
Compound Average Growth
-16.19% (2013-2022)
Total Export Value 2013 - 2022
Export Value by Commodity 2022

Top 10 Exports to Ukraine in 2022

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Fish and Seafood $26.96 Million 9,711 $67.17 Million -77%
Planting Seeds $9.56 Million 2,312 $31.58 Million -74%
Tree Nuts $4.66 Million 848 $9.5 Million -52%
Food Preparations $4.2 Million 246 $12.6 Million -52%
Other Intermediate Products $2.86 Million 11 $1.74 Million 88%
Other Consumer Oriented $1.51 Million 211 $4.37 Million -90%
Other Feeds, Meals & Fodders $1.1 Million 203 $1.06 Million 122%
Dextrins, Peptones, & Proteins $1.03 Million 62 $1.77 Million -76%
Sugar $734,095 72 $737,992 -44%
Dog & Cat Food $574,631 298 $1.87 Million -89%

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World Production, Markets, and Trade Report

Dairy Monthly Imports

This monthly report includes information on U.S. and global imports of dairy products, including maximum quantities that can be imported under tariff-rate quota licensing.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Ukraine: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

After a major decrease in 2022, Ukraine’s cattle and swine population is expected to decline further in 2023. Although some war-related factors have already had their negative impact, the refugee crisis, disposable income drops, and a weakened economy are expected to depress livestock sector development further.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Ukraine: Poultry and Products Semi-annual

Although it initially decreased after the war began, Ukraine’s chicken meat production remained stable in 2022. The production was impacted by significant cost increases predominately associated with more expensive trade logistics and a turbulent macroeconomic environment.

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FAS is offering a grant opportunity to provide technical assistance to Ukrainian agricultural producers, focusing on the detection and mitigation of animal diseases and prevention of their introduction into the food supply.
Ukraine is one of the world's top agricultural producers and exporters and plays a critical role in supplying grains and oilseeds to the global market.
June 17, 2022
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Global Fertilizer Challenge

The Global Fertilizer Challenge will support innovative research, demonstrations, and training to help countries with high fertilizer usage and loss adopt efficient nutrient management and alternative fertilizers and cropping systems.

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