Clarification of Policy Regarding Proof of Export/Import for Rail Cars and Trucks Entering Mexico

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WASHINGTON, July 25, 2003 – The Commodity Credit Corporation is clarifying its policy regarding the necessary documentation needed to provide proof of export and/or import for railcars or trucks entering Mexico. Under regulations governing CCC Export Credit Guarantee Programs at 7 CFR Part 1493 and the CCC Export Bonus Programs (Export Enhancement Program and Dairy Export Incentive Program) at 7 CFR Part 1494, the date of entry will be the date shown on an authenticated landing certificate issued by an official of the government of the eligible or importing country for rail and/or truck shipment from the United States.

For exports to Mexico, the Pedimento stamped by Mexican Customs Authorities has satisfied this requirement and will remain an acceptable means to satisfy the documentary requirements under the programs. However, since Pedimentos bearing a Mexican Customs Stamp may no longer be available at certain points of entry for rail or truck shipments, the Export Verification Certificate may be used as a substitute document at any point of entry. The Export Verification Certificate must be signed by both U.S. and Mexican agents and be accompanied by an unstamped Pedimento to satisfy regulatory requirements.