South Africa: Sugar Semi-annual

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Post estimates that the South African sugar cane crop will grow by 7 percent to 18.4 million metric tons (MT) in the 2022/23 market year (MY), up from 17.2 million MT in the 2021/22 MY. This is based on a return to normal weather conditions, an improvement in yields, and industry efforts to increase production, especially for small-scale farmers. Raw sugar production is expected to fall by 2 percent to 2 million MT in the 2022/23 MY, due to a reduction in the quantity of cane delivered to mills, limited crushing capacity as a result of the closure of two sugar mills, and a decline in mill efficiencies. However, domestic sugar consumption will continue its strong growth and will rise by 2 percent to 1.75 million MT in the 2022/23 MY, based on the growth in population and continued improvements in demand from the local industry. Sugar exports will increase by 1 percent to 600,000 MT in the 2022/23 MY, from 595,000 MT in the 2021/22 MY, based on increased production and a slow start to global economic recovery.

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