Senegal: Cotton and Products Annual

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The harvested area for Marketing Year (MY) 2023/24 is forecasted to rise five percent at 1.39 million hectares (MHA) compared to the previous year based on good farm gate prices, increase access to inputs, and improved national security particularly in Burkina Faso. MY 2023/24 cotton production is forecasted to increase 24 percent to 2.44 million bales based primarily on improved pest control due to the introduction of a new insecticide to fight Jassids. MY 2023/24 stocks are projected to increase 25 percent to 124,000 bales based on available supply. MY 2022/23 area and cotton production are estimated at 1.32 million hectares and 1.96 million bales dropping one percent and 20 percent, respectively, due mainly to a significant Jassids infestation in all three countries. MY 2022/23 exports are estimated to drop 15 percent based on available supplies and land transportation issues in Burkina Faso due to security issues in certain zones.

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