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Spain: Spain Seafood Report 2024

Spain is one of the world’s largest markets for fish and seafood. In 2023, Spain was the fourth largest importer of fish and seafood in the world after the United States, China, and Japan.
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Denmark: The 2024 Food Expo in Denmark

The Food Expo trade show is one of the leading trade events in the Nordic region and the only show in Denmark focusing on food products and (alcoholic) beverages.
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European Union: Sugar Annual

EU27 beet sugar production for MY 2024/25 is projected to remain unchanged at 14.8 million metric tons (MMT), with increased cultivation across member states offsetting a slight decline in France.
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European Union: Grain and Feed Annual

In MY 2024/25, EU grain production is anticipated to exceed the previous season’s levels and amount to 274 MMT. Excessive rain currently prevails in the EU’s northwest, hampering winter grains development and impeding spring planting operations.
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United Kingdom: Grain and Feed Annual

The UK is forecast to have one of the lowest grain crops on record in MY 2024/25 following challenging winter planting conditions, a very wet winter, and continued rains now disrupting crop management and spring plantings. Not only is this expected to significantly reduce the planted area, but also average yields.
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United Kingdom: Oilseeds and Products Annual

MY 2023/24 saw rather disappointing yields for the UK rapeseed oilseed crop overall. In MY 2024/25 rapeseed production is forecast even lower at 900 thousand metric tons (MT) due to a combination of poor growing conditions, a sharp fall in the price of rapeseed, pest pressure and the increased attractiveness of agri-environment options.
International Agricultural Trade Report

Opportunities for U.S. Agricultural Products in Colombia

Colombia is the largest South American market for U.S. agricultural products and the seventh-largest market for U.S. food and beverage exports globally. Since the U.S. – Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA) was implemented in 2012, U.S. agricultural exports have grown by more than 235 percent to a record $3.7 billion in 2023.
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United Kingdom: UK Tariff Suspensions - Update

The United Kingdom (UK) recently announced a number of voluntary tariff suspensions for agricultural and non-agricultural products, including around 70 new agricultural product suspensions.
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Bulgaria: Fish and Seafood Market Brief Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s fish and seafood imports have grown steadily over the past decade and have nearly doubled. Bulgarian fish and seafood importers are seeking to expand the variety of fish available to consumers, particularly among the mid and high-value categories.
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Ukraine: Seafood Imports Rebound Despite the War

Ukraine’s total imports of fish and seafood rebounded by 28 percent in 2023 after a major war-impacted drop in 2022. The demand for seafood remains strong, although it has shifted from more expensive species to cheaper ones. Strong imports are taking place despite a 20 percent population drop, a major disposable income decline, and new and more expensive trade routes.
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Ukraine: Grain and Feed Annual

Grain production in Ukraine has remained unprofitable since the Russia’s invasion, and this is expected to translate into decreased grain area for MY2024/25. With CY2024 yields forecast below the previous near-record-breaking CY2023, the total grain MY2024/25 production volume is forecast to be lower than for the previous marketing year.
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Ireland: Exporter Guide

Top U.S. agricultural exports to the Republic of Ireland include soybean meal, distillers grains, forestry products, racehorses, and distilled spirits. In 2023, U.S. agricultural and related exports totaled $669 million, a 5 percent increase over 2022.