Philippines: Livestock and Poultry Update

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FAS Manila raises 2022 pork production by 25,000 MT to 1.025 million MT, as some commercial hog raisers report herd rebuilding efforts. Significant repopulation remains constrained, however, by continued African Swine Fever (ASF) cases and the lack of a vaccine. Pork imports in 2022 are left unchanged at 375,000 MT, based on the scheduled expiration of market access next year, while 2021 imports are lowered by 8 percent to 460,000 MT due to logistical delays and meat labeling disruptions. Post maintains its previous forecasts of 2022 and 2021 chicken meat imports, which are 140,000 MT and 110,000 MT lower than the Official USDA statistics, respectively, because of global logistical issues and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza resurging in major supplying countries in Europe.

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