Global Food Security Snapshot

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The Food Security Dashboard evaluates food security and guides evidence-based policy decisions. Users access a variety of metrics from many sources that reflect different facets of food security, like:

Food insecurity indicators on undernourishment, elevated food insecurity, healthy diet costs, the food gap, food-insecure populations, etc., allowing policymakers to understand underlying food insecurity causes.

Trade disruption vulnerability analysis for countries, such as export bans or supply chain disruptions, allowing policymakers to identify nations needing risk management and food supply continuity assistance.

Importance of imports to a country's food system, allowing policymakers to address food security gaps by diversifying import sources, promoting domestic production, etc.

Daily caloric intake per person across different geographies and countries, allowing policymakers to identify food insecurity areas and develop targeted interventions.

Dietary calories by food groups, such as the percentage of calories from main staples, allowing policymakers to improve nutritional value through interventions.

Overall, the Food Security Dashboard provides decision-makers with access to indicators reflecting several facets of food security in a digestible format. By providing a comprehensive and nuanced view of food security, it promotes evidence-based policies, stakeholder accountability, and collaboration.

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