ATAC for Trade in Fruits and Vegetables


Committee Charter
Julie Adams Almond Board of California
William Callis U.S. Apple Export Council
Michelle McNeil Connelly California Walnut Commission
James Cranney. Jr. California Citrus Quality Council
Casey Creamer California Citrus Mutal
Jerome Crosby Pineneedle Farms, LLC
Jodi Devaurs California Table Grape Commission
Jody Easterday Easterday Farms Produce Company
Melissa Frank The Wonderful Company
Dante Geleazzi Texas International Produce Association
Reagan Grabner CSS Farms, LLC
Robert Guenther United Fresh Produce Association
Matt Harris Washington State Potato Commission
Rich Hudgins California Canning Peach Association
Matthew Lantz Cranberry Marketing Committee
Brittany Lee Florida Blueberry Growers Association
Fred Leitz Leitz Farms LLC
Jonathan Maberry Washington Red Raspberry Commission
Kenneth Melban California Avocado Commission
Mike Montna California Tomato Growers Association
Dale Murden Texas Citrus Mutual
Dennis Nuxoll Western Growers Association
Molly O'Connor CropLife America
Kenneth Parker Florida Strawberry Growers Association
Mark Powers Northwest Horticultural Council
W. Kam Quarles National Potato Council
Harvey Reed Louisiana Association of Cooperatives
Dan Richey Riverfront Packing Company
Alicia Rockwell Blue Diamond Growers
Michael Schadler Florida Tomato Exchange
Caroline Stringer California Fresh Fruit Association
Lanair Worsham, Jr. Worsham Farms
James Zion Meridian Growers, LLC