SIAL China

Trade Show   |   USDA Endorsed
December 7-9, 2022   |   Shanghai, China


Postponed from May 18-20, 2022

Trade Show Photo

SIAL China is now Asia’s largest food and beverage trade show. The show sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry. Almost every sector of the food industry is represented at SIAL China including beverages, confectionary and pastry products, dairy, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, grocery products, health foods, horticulture products, ingredients, meat, organic products, pet food, poultry and eggs, seafood and wine and spirits. In 2021, COVID-19 travel restrictions were in place allowing no international travelers. The USA Pavilion was a smaller footprint comprised of 39 U.S. exhibitors.  In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SIAL China was postponed from May 2020 to September 2020. Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, SIAL China 2020 attracted 2,200 exhibitors, over 90,700 visitors, and the USA Pavilion consisted of 40 exhibitors. By comparison, SIAL China 2019 attracted over 4,300 exhibitors from 70 countries, 117,000 trade visitors, and 68 exhibitors in the USA Pavilion.

FAS Contact: Andrew Schlegel, (202) 690-1835

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