Capacity Building & Economic Development

FAS leads USDA’s efforts to help developing countries improve their agricultural systems and build their trade capacity. Leveraging the technical expertise of other USDA agencies and offices, U.S. research institutions, and agricultural industry organizations, we support ministries of agriculture and other host-country institutions in improving their agricultural infrastructure, fostering economic development, and enhancing their ability to engage in global trade.

Many of these projects are conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of State, which provide support through reimbursable agreements with FAS. 

Agricultural Development and Trade Enablement

FAS works with host-country governments, U.S. agencies, development banks, and other international institutions on a variety of capacity-building projects to support agricultural development and trade. Past areas of focus have included: developing food and agricultural system infrastructure that supports participation in global trade; reducing post-harvest loss; promoting science-based decision-making in the public and private sectors; and establishing mutually beneficial relationships between host-country institutions and U.S. agricultural organizations.

Resilient and Climate-Smart Agricultural Systems

FAS provides technical expertise to help countries build food and agricultural systems that are resilient, climate-smart, and enabled for international trade.

Agricultural Data and Market Information

FAS helps strengthen foreign governments' ability to collect, analyze, and report agricultural data and market information that is accurate, reliable, and accessible.

Technical Advice and Analysis

FAS provides specialized technical expertise in food and agriculture to other U.S. government agencies working internationally, with a focus on global food security, agricultural trade, and science-based policymaking.

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