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South Korea: Grain and Feed Annual

The Korean government’s policy incentivizing farmers to replace rice acreage with other crops is the driving force behind record low rice planting and production projected in marketing year (MY) 2024/25.
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Paraguay: Grain and Feed Annual

Paraguayan wheat production in marketing year (MY) 2024/2025 is forecast up at 1.15 million tons as a result of a significant increase in planted area and improved yields. Wheat exports would also be up at 450,000 tons.
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Dominican Republic: Sugar Annual

Sugar production in the Dominican Republic (DR) is forecast to reach 520,000 metric tons (MT) due to favorable rainfall conditions through the first half of marketing year (MY) 2024/2025 (October - September).
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Thailand: Food Processing Ingredients Annual

Thailand's food and beverage industry contributes significantly to the country's economy. Thailand aims to be one of the world's top ten processed food exporters by 2027 and a key global player in the "Future Food" market.