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On September 21, 2022, Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued administrative decree number 1895 for the year 2022 adopting a regionalization model to the county level for U.S. outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian influenza (HPAI). The decree lifted a previous ban on all non-heat treated poultry meat (fresh, chilled, frozen, and processed), poultry products and table eggs from 24 U.S. states. The decree also includes changes for other trade partners. An unofficial translation for the decree is included in this report.
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India: Tree Nuts Annual

FAS New Delhi (Post) forecasts marketing year (MY) 2022/23 (August-July) Indian almond imports (shelled-basis) at 148,000 metric tons (MT) a slight decrease from MY 2021/22, as food inflation volatility, rupee depreciation, and global shipping challenges are likely to persist in the near term, impacting price.
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Italy: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

This report gives an overview of the food service – hotel, restaurant, and institutional sectors in Italy and outlines current market trends, including best product prospects. In 2021, Italy’s consumer food service value sales registered an increase of 23 percent compared to 2020 in spite of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.
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Australia: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

Australia’s table grape production is expected to increase to 210,000 MT in marketing year (MY) 2022/23, from an estimated 180,000 metric tons (MT) in MY 2021/22. This is with the expectation of slightly improved harvest labor availability and better seasonal conditions at harvest. Despite expanded vine plantings in recent years now coming into fruiting, production has been hindered by challenges.
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Australia: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

The Australian consumer foodservice industry is valued at A$54 (US$41) billion. Australia’s commercial foodservice sector is a competitive market and with an ageing population, the institutional foodservice sector (aged care, hospitals, etc.) continues to grow. Most industry operators in the hotel and resort sector derive a significant portion of revenue from the sale of meals and beverages prepared at onsite restaurants.
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Thailand: Poultry and Products Annual

FAS Bangkok forecasts that growth in chicken meat production and consumption will be 2-3 percent in 2022 and 2023. The anticipated slow recovery in domestic consumption and high production costs caused by supply disruption on feed grains and day-old chicks will keep the growth rate below the pre-pandemic average annual growth rate.
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Turkey: Update on Turkey's Export Ban on Select Ag Products

This report provides updated information on the status of Turkey’s export ban on certain agricultural exports since the beginning of 2022. The government's intent behind the ban is to stabilize the supplies of specific products to help alleviate rising food inflation. The export ban on some products, like olive oil and most vegetable oils, have been lifted. However, a ban remains in effect for select staples, such as red meat, some pulses, and sunflower oil.
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Japan: Japan Opens Comment Period for Soymilk JAS Standard

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries invites public comments on the proposed revision of the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) for soybean milk products. Comments must be submitted in Japanese by October 8, 2022.
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South Africa: Poultry and Products Annual

Post forecasts that chicken meat production will increase by two percent in 2023 as a result of economic recovery, normalization of feed costs, and increased investment by the industry due to anticipated high revenue from market year 2022.
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China: Poultry and Products Annual

In 2023, poultry production is expected to remain stable at 14.3 million metric tons. White feather broilers’ share of overall chicken production is expected to increase, while yellow feather broiler production is expected to decline. In 2023...
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Senegal: Cotton and Products Update

For Marketing Year (MY) 2022/23 (August to July) harvested area for Mali, Burkina Faso, and Senegal is forecast to increase eight percent to 1.44 million hectares (MHA) compared to the previous year. This increase is largely due to significant...
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Thailand: Rice Price - Weekly

Rice export prices trend upward due to strong demand from foreign buyers.