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Italy: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

This report gives an overview of the food service – hotel, restaurant, and institutional sectors in Italy and outlines current market trends, including best product prospects.
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Panama: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

This report provides U.S. food and agriculture exporters information on how to do business with the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional (HRI) sector in Panama.
This report provides an overview of Chile’s Sanitary Regulation for food Products (RSA by its name in Spanish) currently in force, as well as any other regulation with the potential of disrupting food trade.
This report lists and describes certificates and other documents that must accompany food and agricultural imports to Chile as required by Chilean regulations.
This report is an annual update of the food import standards and enforcement mechanisms in Colombia.
This report outlines Colombia’s requirements for import permits and export certificates for multiple food products for human and animal consumption.
The National Plant, Animal Health and Food Safety Service (SENASA) is the regulatory agency responsible for the inspection of all agricultural products that enter Honduras.
SENASA and ARSA have significantly expedited import processes with on-line import permit, sanitary authorizations of imported raw materials, additives and sanitary registration platforms and immediate electronic delivery to ports of entry and importers since January 2021.
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Hong Kong: US Food Products Stand Out at HOFEX Trade Show

From September 7-9, 2021, the Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Hong Kong hosted the strongest national pavilion at HOFEX, the largest food trade show in Hong Kong.
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Ukraine: Ukrainian Governmental Policies on Climate Change

Ukraine has ambitions regarding combating climate change at the level of its laws and regulations.
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China: Pulses - Kidney Beans and Dried Peas

China’s marketing year (MY) 2021/2022 (September – August) kidney bean production is estimated at 250,000 metric tons (MT), down 15 percent on lower area harvested.
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Ukraine: Health and Nutritional Claims for Food Products

This report lists Ukraine’s requirements for health and nutritional claims that are allowed for domestically produced and imported food products.