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Spain: Cotton and Products Annual 2024

Early spring precipitations in Andalucía came as a relief, refilling water reservoirs. However, this allowed for only a marginal recovery in area planted to cotton, as rains arrived when planting plans were already in place and largely oriented to less water-demanding crops such as winter grains or early spring-planted sunflower.
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Denmark: Exporter Guide Annual

Although a small market in the European Union, Denmark offers export opportunities for U.S. exporters of wine, seafood, tree nuts, and several other products.
In 2023, according to Romania’s National Institute of Statistics (NIS), Romania imported $211 million of U.S. food and agricultural products, up nearly 11 percent compared to 2022. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's bulk, intermediate, and consumer oriented (BICO), U.S. suppliers shipped $79 million worth of food and agricultural products to Romania in 2023.
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Germany: FAIRS Country Report Annual

Germany is a member of the European Union (EU) and generally follows EU directives and regulations, including those relating to the importation of food products. This report provides an overview of food laws in force in Germany that cover areas, which are not yet harmonized in the EU.
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Serbia: Grain and Feed Annual

Serbia’s Marketing Year (MY) 2024/25 wheat area is forecast at 625,000 hectares (HA), 14 percent lower than the previous year. If the predicted yield of 5 MT/HA is achieved, wheat production is expected to reach 3.1 Million Metric Tons (MMT).
In March 2024, the Council of the European Union and European Parliament concluded negotiations on the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Regulation. The current text is going through a legal review but is now de-facto final and is expected to be formally adopted in the coming months.
On March 12, the United Kingdom (UK) government announced a public consultation on ‘Fairer Food Labeling.’ The consultation seeks feedback for two proposals on food labeling regulations: (1) on labeling pertaining to country of origin, and (2), on animal welfare labeling relating to methods of production.
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Turkiye: Sugar Annual

In MY 2024/25, the sugar beet area harvested is expected to slightly expand year-to-year as farmers switch to growing more beets in hopes of capturing higher returns compared to sunflowers and corn.
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Denmark: Markets for Wood Chips in Northwestern Europe

EU imports of fuel wood totaled $1.8 billion in 2023. The two main categories of fuel wood imported by the EU are wood pellets and wood chips. This report focuses on the bioenergy market for wood chips in Northwestern Europe, which is increasingly seeking to import from outside the EU.
In 2023, U.S. agricultural exports to Bulgaria surpassed the $100 million mark for the first time. The growth was due to a substantial increase in U.S. exports of beef, tree and ground nuts, food preparations, whiskies, animal feed, and wood.
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Netherlands: Food Processing Ingredients Annual

The turnover of the Dutch food processing industry in 2021 (most recent data available) was valued at $99 billion. There are almost 8,500 food processing companies active in the Netherlands and together they account for over 150,000 jobs.
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Germany: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

This report provides Germany specific information that complements the EU-27 FAIRS Export Certificate Annual Report, which covers the harmonized EU certificate requirements.