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South Africa: FAIRS Country Report Annual

The FAIRS Annual Country Report has been updated and summarizes the rules and regulations governing the import of food and agricultural products in South Africa. This report should be read in conjunction with the FAIRS Export Certificate Report to gain a thorough grasp of South African laws, standards, and import requirements.
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South Africa: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

This report has been updated to reflect the newest information and contacts relevant to exporting to South Africa. The Food and Agricultural Import Regulation and Standards (FAIRS) Certificate Report includes a list of the main certificates and permits needed to export food and agricultural products to South Africa.
Red Sea shipping remains unstable, with attacks on ships transiting this crucial maritime corridor surging recently. This has led to unpredictable shipping schedules, caused freight costs to almost triple, and transit times to more than double.
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Angola: Exporter Guide Annual

With a population of nearly 36 million people, including a segment of high-income consumers looking for quality imported products, Angola presents an array of export opportunities for U.S. food and agricultural products. Angola is a significant importer of food and agricultural goods, making foreign purchases totaling more than $1.7 billion from more than 60 countries in 2023.
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Nigeria: Exporter Guide Annual

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with a relatively young and urbanizing populace. While there are clear food and agricultural export opportunities, the weakened economy is still making its way out of a very difficult 2023. Consumers are contending with food price inflation, and wages have not kept pace with the increase in living costs.
This market study examines consumer perceptions and receptivity towards purchasing U.S. foods and how those products may be successfully marketed in Senegal.
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Senegal: Exporter Guide Annual

Senegal is a $3 billion dollar market for food and agricultural imports, including $1.3 billion in consumer-oriented products. The United States captures less than one percent of market share, with agricultural exports valued at 20 million dollars in 2023, including $12.3 million in consumer-oriented foods.
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Cote d'Ivoire: Exporter Guide Annual

Cote d’Ivoire’s food processing industry is developing and remains a major importer of ingredients for food processing. These imports will continue to grow as the sector is unable to meet increased demand.
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South Africa: Exporter Guide Annual

South Africa is one of the most advanced and varied economies in Africa, boasting a strong business sector and advanced distribution networks to major urban centers in the country and throughout the entire Southern African region.
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South Africa: Citrus Semi-annual

Record orange juice prices are expected to escalate orange juice production as growers increase deliveries for processing. Growers are diverting oranges from the export market and local sales towards processing on favorable prices.
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Ghana: Exporter Guide Annual

Ghana’s economic decline is starting to stabilize after the country sought International Monetary Fund (IMF) support through an Extended Credit Facility (ECF) program worth approximately $3 billion.
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Ghana: Ghana Alcoholic Beverages Report

Alcoholic beverages imported into Ghana increased from $56 million in 2019 to $87 million in 2023. Similarly, imports of U.S. alcoholic beverages to Ghana are on an upward trend in the same period from $267,000 in 2019 to $1 million in 2023.