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On November 6, 2023, Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture (SADER) published Official Mexican Standard NOM-012-SAG/ZOO-2020: Specifications for the Regulation of Products for Animal Use or Consumption. The standard outlines specifications for the...
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Mexico: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

The competent Mexican authorities which regulate food and agricultural imports and/or require official U.S. export certificates include the Secretariat of Agriculture (SADER), Secretariat of Health (SALUD), Ministry of Environment and Natural...
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Mexico: FAIRS Country Report Annual

This document provides an overview of major Mexican agricultural and food-product laws and regulations, as well as related import standards and regulations. Some products may be subject to regulatory oversight by several different Government of...
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Chile: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

This year’s report does not contain significant changes from last year’s report. Chile continues allowing the reproduction of seeds under strict control of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of the Ministry of Agriculture.
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El Salvador: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

The Ministry of Environment completed the regulatory framework for the safe use and commercialization of Genetically Engineered (GE) products. However, El Salvador is still lacking the norms and surveillance network to allow the use of biotech in...
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Dominican Republic: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

The Dominican Republic continues to be a strong market for U.S. bulk agricultural products (e.g., corn), intermediate goods (e.g., soybean meal), and high value consumer-oriented products (e.g., processed food products), reaching a total export value...
Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have opened consultations on a comprehensive regulatory package.
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Canada: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

Canada continues to be the largest export market for U.S. consumer-oriented products. In 2022, U.S. consumer-oriented exports to Canada reached $19.9 billion, representing 24 percent of the total value of U.S. consumer-oriented exports worldwide.
Chile and the European Union (EU) are finalizing an Advanced Framework Agreement (AFA) that includes recognition of 216 EU geographical indications (GIs) and commonly used names such as feta, gruyere, kölsch, and parmesan.
In October 2023, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Plant and Animal Health Inspection Service and the Colombian Institute for Agriculture agreed on import requirements for U.S. bovine meat and bone meal (MBM) to Colombia. Colombia’s steady economy growth, increasing production of proteins, and growing demand for high quality pet food are creating new opportunities to increase exports of MBM products to the country.
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Peru: Biofuels Annual

Peruvian total ethanol production in 2023 is forecast at 220 million liters, increasing 8 percent compared to the previous year. Total ethanol consumption for 2023 is forecast at 285 million liters.
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Haiti: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

Agricultural biotechnology constitutes an opportunity for U.S. suppliers, as non-governmental and governmental organizations have encouraged its integration into the Haitian economy in recent years.