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Romania: Exporter Guide Annual

Romania continues to be a growing market for U.S. food and agriculture exports. Romania’s total resident population is 19.05 million people, which is a marginal increase from previous years, with about 48 percent living in rural areas (2023 data).
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Turkiye: Turkiye Raisins Update

This report focuses on Turkiye’s production of sultana raisins, which are a dried, seedless grape variety indigenous to the Aegean region of Turkiye and grown mostly in the regions of Manisa, Izmir, Mersin, and Denizli.
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Turkiye: 2024-2028 Livestock Roadmap Overview

Turkiye’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Ibrahim Yumakli, announced the “2024-2028 Livestock Roadmap” in February 2024, following significant decreases in domestic livestock inventories.
On June 28, 2024, the Turkish government published biosafety decisions reapproving the import of seven genetically engineered (GE) corn events for feed (Bt11, DAS1507, DAS59122, NK603, GA21, MON89034, MON88017) which had expired, and provided new approvals for three enzymes produced from GE-Aspergillius oryzae for industrial purposes.
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Turkiye: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

The 2024 Food and Agriculture Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) Export Certificate Report for Turkiye lists the major export certificates and other requirements expected by the Turkish government for food and agricultural products exports to...
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Bulgaria: Poultry Market Update

FAS/Sofia expects growth in Bulgarian poultry production in 2024, driven by declining feed/production costs and improving competitiveness, as well as by continued growth in consumer incomes, travel, and tourism.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina: FAIRS Country Report Annual

This report provides information on the food and agricultural product import requirements for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Important points of contact for U.S. food exporters are listed in the appendices.
This report provides guidance and lists and describes certificates/documents that must accompany food and agricultural products exported to Bosnia and Herzegovina as required by pertaining regulations. Report last updated: June 2024.
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Turkiye: Exporter Guide Annual

Turkiye is among the world’s leading economies and home to a young, mostly urban population of 85.4 million people. This dynamic has fueled the country’s rising demand for consumer-oriented agricultural products. In recent years, however, this demand has been tempered somewhat by geopolitical dynamics and persistent economic challenges, most notably record inflation and the steep depreciation of the Turkish Lira against the U.S. dollar.
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Netherlands: Retail Foods Annual

The turnover of the Dutch retail sector was valued at $54 billion in 2023. The sector is relatively consolidated, with the two largest food retailers controlling almost 60 percent of the market. Due to rising retail prices, consumers visit multiple supermarkets and increasingly choose private label products.
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European Union: Wood Pellets Annual

MMT), the first reduction since 2015. This drop is caused by a mild winter and a reduced demand from the commercial power sector. Current low prices, combined with government incentives, are forecast to support the popularity of biomass for residential heating in 2024.
As of June 1, 2024, Turkiye’s Ministry of Trade has relaxed the ban on the export of bulk and barreled olive oil, allowing up to 50,000 tons of bulk and barreled olive oil to be exported until November 1, 2024. This decision, in response to negative sentiment from domestic industry, is expected to have a positive, though limited, impact on global olive oil prices.