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The Ontario provincial government announced that sales of wine, beer, low-alcohol ready-to-drink beverages, and cider will be allowed in all groceries and convenience stores starting from January 1, 2026.
A July 29 seminar brought together roughly 100 Costa Rican craft brewers, retailers, restauranteurs, and enthusiasts to promote new brewing products and training courses to further develop the Costa Rican craft beer sector.
Health Canada opened pre-consultations on a proposed new regulatory framework for foods for special dietary use and infant foods, which include categories such as infant formula, prepackaged human milk, medical foods, gluten-free foods, formulated...
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Argentina: Dairy and Products Annual

Due to the severe drought, Post forecasts a slight decrease in dairy output, estimating a decline of just over one percent to 11,441,000 MT in volume by the end of 2023 compared to 2022. Projections for 2024 are complex as several factors could lead to a significant drop in production, particularly during the first half of the year.
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Chile: Distilled Spirits in Chile

Chile has a growing and dynamic distilled spirits industry, with a particular focus on pisco production.
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Peru: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

Peru is an internationally recognized gastronomic hub with opportunities for imported complementary food products. Health restrictions eased during 2021 but the foodservice sector has yet to recover pandemic-related losses. The industry will also...
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Canada: Dairy and Products Annual

FAS/Canada projects milk production flat into 2024, based on declining fluid milk consumption, and steady requirements for industrial milk. Production of cheese and butter is forecast to increase modestly in 2024, as stocks have been recovering, and...
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Mexico: Dairy and Products Annual

Milk, cheese, and butter production in 2024 are forecast to increase due to relatively lower input and dairy ingredient prices and strong domestic demand. Mexico is forecast to remain a net importer of skim milk powder due to competitive...
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Brazil: Dairy and Products Annual

Brazil's dairy industry has recently undergone considerable changes to both production and structure of the industry. The change in the dairy sector is the result of Brazilian producers being discontent with the high level of competition from...
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Chile: Dairy and Products Annual

In marketing year (MY) 2023, milk price is experiencing an increasing trend due to the low milk supply and high demand for dairy. In Chile, most processing plants produce fluid milk and cheese, very few produce yoghurt, whey, condensed milk, or other value-added dairy products.
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Brazil: Government of Brazil Raises Tariffs on Dairy Products

Brazil’s Executive Management Committee (Gecex) of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) increased import tariffs for three dairy products and reversed the unilateral 10% reduction in the Common External Tariff (CET) for 29 other dairy products.
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Costa Rica: Retail Foods

The Costa Rican retail sector continues to grow with an increasing number of modern supermarkets stocking a growing range of imported products.