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Chinese buyers are traveling back to the United States and showing strong interest in U.S. products. Since the reopening of China to travel, four delegations have participation in reverse trade missions to the United States with many others traveling...
On September 26, 2023, U.S. Ambassador Sung Y. Kim participated in the opening of one of the largest tempeh exporting factories in the world located in Bogor, Indonesia. This new factory, belonging to Tempe Azaki, will increase the company’s current...
On October 25, 2023, China notified the National Food Safety Standard for Nutritionally Complete Foods for Cancer Patients to the World Trade Organization (WTO) under G/SPS/N/CHN/1284. The proposed date of entry into force is to be determined...
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Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Wonton - Volume 3 Issue 23

Bite size local news, Post reports and activity summaries wrapped by ATO Hong Kong. In this issue: ATO Hong Kong Hosts Exclusive Delicious USA Tasting for Local Chefs; Paul Chan Warns Hong Kong’s Deficit May Exceed $13 Billion; For a True Picture of...
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New Zealand: Exporter Guide

New Zealand continues to be an important market for U.S. agricultural products. In 2022, New Zealand’s imports grew to a record US$ 629 million of U.S. agricultural products. Despite its relatively small population, the country is already a top...
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Thailand: Rice Price - Weekly

Export rice prices increased 3-13 percent due to the strengthening of the Thai baht which offset the downward pressure on domestic rice prices.
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New Zealand: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

In New Zealand, genetically engineered (GE) products are regulated under the 1996 Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO) and administered by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). On October 14, 2023, New Zealand held a general...
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Indonesia: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

President Jokowi stated his support for the utilization of genetically engineered (GE) crops (i.e., soybeans) in his September 2022 speech. To date, ten GE events have been allowed for cultivation in Indonesia (i.e., one GE sugarcane, one GE potato...
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Vietnam: Coffee Semi-annual

MY 2023/24 coffee production is lowered 3.8 million bags to 27.5 million bags due to unfavorable weather conditions as a result of climate change and El Nino climate patterns.
On November 13, 2023, Taiwan notified the WTO of a new draft amendment for Sanitation Standards for Contaminants and Toxins in Food (G/SPS/N/TPKM/621). This report contains highlights from the draft as well as a link to the full notification.
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Indonesia: Coffee Semi-annual

Indonesia’s lower Robusta coffee production is expected to cut coffee bean exports by 35 percent to 5 million bags in 2023/24, which has already caused a surge in imports in the first half of the marketing year.
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China: Sulfuryl Fluoride Allowed for Log Fumigation

The APHIS and FAS China offices have confirmed with the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) Department of Animal Plant Quarantine (DAPQ) that sulfuryl fluoride is allowed for fumigation of U.S.-origin logs before export to China.