Pakistan: Cotton and Products Annual

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Pakistan’s marketing year 2019/20 cotton production is forecast at 8 million 480 lb bales, up 500,000 bales from the revised 2018/19 estimate. This projected production reflects a modest increase in area due to recent government incentives to enhance cotton production in the country. Yield is expected to be higher than last year based on sufficient water and certified seed availability. About 95 percent Pakistan’s cotton crop is bioengineered. Textile mill consumption is forecast slightly higher at 10.7 million bales as demand for cotton products is expected to rise with government support for textile exports. With mills having strong interest in higher-grade quality cotton to meet demand for higher quality products, the import forecast is 3 million 480 lb. bales. With Pakistan’s developed biotechnology and seed regulatory structure, investment and implementation would facilitate the introduction of improved cotton seed in the country.

Pakistan: Cotton and Products Annual




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Attaché Report (GAIN)

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