Mexico: Poultry and Products Annual

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Improved stocks at poultry breeder facilities and lower feed prices are forecast to increase chicken meat production by two percent in 2024. Although at a slower rate of growth compared to the last two years, imports are forecast to increase by five percent in 2024, driven by robust domestic demand. As a result of more stable trading partner chicken meat supplies, 2024 exports are forecast unchanged. Chicken meat consumption is forecast to increase on competitive prices compared to other meats and increased household incomes.

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Hong Kong: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

In 2023, Hong Kong did not have any policy changes to regulations pertaining to genetically engineered (GE) products, while monitoring the development of synthetic biology.
The EU's intricate biotechnology policy hinders research and restricts innovative tools for farmers. This results in substantial imports of genetically engineered (GE) feed and limited domestic GE crop production.
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Venezuela: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

Despite the private sector's support for biotechnology, Venezuela maintains a ban on the domestic use and research of modern biotechnology-derived agriculture. Venezuela’s basis for the ban is through the Seed Law of December 2015, which also prohibits the importation of genetically engineered (GE) seeds.